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Spirit of Sophia E - cards 2
Spirit of Sophia E - cards 2
Spirit of Sophia 14

This e-card is designed to raise awareness of the need for new age priests and priestesses and workers from the alternative spiritual movements to 'come out' to serve their local communities alongside regular and orthodox religious workers. Although we have existed in glory in former Aeons and civilisations, for far too long in the West we have hidden in the shadows and now our time to serve has come.

Spirit of Sophia 15

Simply a beautiful Sophianic work by Victoria Moore.

Spirit of Sophia 16

What is tyranny? Tyranny is the use of power, force or coersion in its many forms, to do the will of another that we do not wish to conform to and which will be to our own detriment. Tyranny is the result of corrupt evil Archon energies, it causes greed and selfishness, and it afflicts those who believe they have the most to gain by our loss and enslavement, and by the destruction of our environment and by the killing and injuring of the peoples of the Earth.

Spirit of Sophia 17

A beautiful Sophianic mother visual by an artist 
unknown to us.

Spirit of Sophia 18

The key message is to find inner peace, by recreating in the heart, the innocence of early childhood, to rekindle the natural love, curiosity and playfulness of children.

Spirit of Sophia 19

One of the most frightening aspects of our current age, is that world leaders have lost sight of the kind of world we should be leaving all children to inherit. This should be their priority.  

Spirit of Sophia 20

Here's a reminder that the most powerful and rich companies and in particular those who set trends for the young to follow, including the mainstream media, are quite capable of promoting world peace and unity, if only they had the heart, the guts and the will to do so.

Spirit of Sophia 21
Despite thousands of years of religion, education and philosophy, it seems that humanity still has problems discerning wrong from right and good from evil.  Yet is is quite simple really, if one oppresses, exploits, harms or hurts another, it is wrong. If one helps others to thrive and grow in peace, this is right and good. There are areas of grey, but these can be negotiated between peoples. To our minds, negotiation and peace often get in the way of progress for those with evil intentions and those who seek to rule or dominate whether politically or economically.  
Spirit of Sophia 22

The mystery schools from all of the world's ancient religious traditions - which have been suppressed by the orthodox religions since the Inquisitions, knew that every single one of us have talents to help others in one way or another. We all have the potential to do far more good in the world, so let's do more of it!

Spirit of Sophia 23

This second series of e-cards ends on the simple message that the time of the New Age has already arrived, but we are up against a fast spreading and brutal evil Archon energy which is trying to defeat our efforts.

Stand up for universal love, truth, light and peace. The time is now! 

Spirit of Sophia 24 and 25

Pope Francis

It has been recognised in the mainstream media, that the new Pope Francis is making a huge impact upon the world. He has initiated a new phase of the great work of the Holy Mother and with renewed vigour and with a clear focus Francis is showing us all the way to light.

Note: Spirit of Sophia claims no rights to the artworks used herein, images are borrowed from open sources and appear here under fair use for educational and individual research. Where known, artists rights are cited.

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