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Make a contribution to Sophia's work


Dear Friends,

The spirit of Sophia requests all light workers to focus their prayers and meditations to bring energies of love and peace to Syria and Middle East. We pray to the Divine Goddess Sophia that she will help us to create a dome of protection over all of the peoples of and in Syria – from whichever nations or groups they originate. We pray that peace will prevail and that the forces of Light Love and Truth will prevail over the gathering forces of darkness and war and we pray that these will be banished from this Holy Land.

Other things to do...

  • Contribute to our blog
  • Post up or email in articles and prayers for our website
  • Pray to Sophia often for spiritual nourishment and protection
  • Devote a bi-monthly prayer to Sophia at the New and Full Moon
  • Meditate upon Sophia's global and local mythologies
  • Be watchful for Sophia 
  • Please take the pathworking when you feel the Earth and her children are in danger

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