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Spirit of Sophia E - cards 2
Spirit of Sophia E-cards

Spirit of Sophia e-cards


The following explanations and rationales accompany the e-cards available for download in the Image Gallery.


Sophia 1 

This beautiful work by Pamela Matthews – has been overlaid with a prayer or invocation to Sophia designed by one of our members. This forms a part of the Path working to Sophia. Its frequent recitation will help draw down the protection and wisdom of the Goddess.


Sophia 2

This wonderful rendition of the Virgin/Mother Goddess – has been overlaid with a selection of prayer from the Templar Salve Regina.


Sophia 3

The Goddess sits in repose in the pleuroma according to Gnostic Traditions. Here her Gnostic titles are accompanied by Sophia’s prophesy of the destruction of the evil Archons, taken from the Pistis Sophia translated by R. S. Mead.

Sophia 4

In this composite, iconography of Christ and Mohammed appear together to emphasise the role of God’s prophets in the promotion of world peace. In all writings from mainstream religious texts, the words purported to come from God, Jesus and Yahweh - Jehovah and Allah, are all contradictory about whether the spiritual path is a path of war or peace. This may have been done deliberately to justify the role of adherents of the faiths in aggression or pacifism, depending on the circumstances that leaders needed religion to call upon at the time. Sophia however appears no-where to support human war and aggression.


Sophia 5

A simple anti-war message is delivered using this clever photo of the pregnant Earth Goddess. However attention is paid to those who profit from war.  Those who make or invest in or profit from the manufacture and sale of all weapons of destruction do indeed incur a karmic debt when those weapons are used to kill - whether for defence or offense.


Sophia 6 

This illustration by an artist unknown (to us), illustrates the problem of Archon energy, which feeds upon human anger and destructiveness. Anger is often based upon fear; it sometimes manifests as hate and can arise from selfishness jealousy or greed and sometimes from injustice, pain and suffering. The message is to not add to it, but to love and seek justice, but not reprisal or vengeance and to forgive and find peace.

Sophia 7
and 8 are currently undergoing modification


Sophia 9

The Flaming Eternal Spirit of Humanity features on this card to emphasise Sophia’s key messages for our time; love, equality and unity are the only way forward if we are to avoid self-destruction. The design suggests a reorientation of all religious and spiritual traditions towards the redemption of humanity through the spiritual evolution of all human kind. It is suggested that every single one of us have a role to play in bringing this about and suggests that 2014 should be declared Year of World Spirituality


Sophia 10 

‘The Future is Feminine’ makes the point that Sophia is revealing her Divine presence and wisdom through an ever increasing number of female priests within the orthodox churches and that this is part of Sophia’s great plan for the redemption of humanity.  


Sophia 11 

Through the meme ‘Co-exist’ Sophia is revealing her Divine presence and wisdom through an ever increasing number of female priestesses among alternative religions and that this is also part of Sophia’s great plan for the redemption of humanity.  


Sophia 12 and 13 

In these composites, the imagery of the veiled Isis/Sophia is used to reveal her Divine presence and wisdom through Islam, Sufism and the pre-Islamic religions of Zoroastrianism and Manichaeism.  It predicts the eventual rise of the Divine Feminine which is also part of the Goddess’s great plan for the redemption of humanity.  

World Leaders, Be the Peace Be the Light!

This is part of the campaign for world peace and unity through the declaration of 2014 as the Year of World Spirituality.  World Leaders have a major role in supporting either Archon energy or Divine energy – their choices as human beings affect us all, let’s hope they make the right ones! 


One World One Spirit

As part of 2014 Year of World Spirituality we wish to see greater efforts made by leading religions to bring all spiritual traditions and factions together in love peace and tolerance. The decisions of Religious leaders can also support Archon or Divine energies.  It is time to bring all of the spiritual traditions of the world together, united by love and wisdom.  Religious extremism and doctrinal dogmatism is no part of any true path to spirituality or wisdom. Unity, Peace, Love, Wisdom and Spirituality are our birth right and the heritage we should be passing on to future generations.


Note: Spirit of Sophia do not claim any rights to this work which has been edited from borrowed art freely available on the internet.  This work is used under fair use for personal education and research. Where known sources have been cited. I give thanks to all of the artists who created the original art works. 

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