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Spirit Of Sophia - Introduction


Welcome to Spirit of Sophia 2018 

A World Voice for Peace and Unity.

Firstly, we would like to introduce ourselves.

We are a group of friends, from a wide range of nationalities, occupations, backgrounds and spiritual traditions.

Among our members there are Christians, Humanists, Gnostics, Pagans, Wiccans, Hermeticists, Qabalalists, Shamans, Psychics, Priests, Priestesses, lightworkers, and Spiritual Healers. We have people from many other religious denominations and faiths and we are inter-faith and ecumenical in our approach.

We share commons concerns about the Earth and its people at this time and in our disussions, we decided to make this site our contribution to raising awareness and promoting positive energies in the world.

We have a common interest in the Divine Feminine.

Our intention is two-fold.

Firstly we wish to help assist the restoration of the Divine Feminine energies in the world.

Secondly, to address the more urgent and current need to protect humanity and the earth from evil energies which are responsible for human greed, war and the destruction of the environment.

Among the scriptures of many ancient religions and mythologies, Sophia takes many different forms and is known by many different names, but essentially all Goddesses are facets of the one Goddess. Among orthodox Christians Sophia is recognised in the form of Mary, the Holy Virgin and Mother of Jesus.

Among the Greeks and Gnostics, Sophia was Goddess of Wisdom and there are many mysteries associated with her in the Christian, Jewish, and pre-Islamic religious traditions.

In these uncertain, risky and dangerous times, Sophia will protect us. Call upon her to bring peace and unity to the world. Help us to bring down the light of her wisdom and open her mantle of protection wide across all the peoples of the world.

Here you will find a range of information and resources dedicated to the Goddess Sophia.

Please visit our News Section for all the latest features.

Please see our Image Gallery for e-cards you can send to friends.

Please go to the File Download page to access our Sophia Pathworking.

This is designed to connect with Sophia’s energy currents and contribute to bringing to earth her wisdom and protection.

Please feel free to Register and Contribute to our Blog!

Come back often! New readings, prayers, and meditations will be posted to inform your contact with Sophia's Wisdom.

Spirit of Sophia is a voluntary, not for profit organisation. 

We are very willing to give talks to interested groups and organisations. (See Contact Us)


Spirit of Sophia

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